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Haitian Drum Art

Haitian Drum Art is made from the ubiquitous drums that oil and all other goods are shipped in to Haiti.  The artists cut the sides of the drums and pound them flat, then cut them into the shape that defines the art.  The art form is centered in the village of Croix-des-Bouquets.  The objects are made by hand with chisel, hammer, and cutting tools.

Caring for your pieces:  outdoor, spray with a light penetrating oil.  Indoor, apply a clear varnish, or do nothing and live with the rust.

IMG_3371 (2)

Small sunflower wall art. vertical length: 11", width 6.5", $30.00

IMG_3373 (2)

Sun and moon wall hanging. qw.5" dia., $44.00

IMG_3366 (2)

Candle Holder, Diameter: 3.75", 5" High, $45.00, (small LED battery light included)

IMG_3365 (2)

3 Cloak Hanger, Mounts on wall, $33.00

IMG_3362 (2)

Small Painted Geicko. Length: 6", $18.00

IMG_3358 (2)

Pair of Painted Geickos, length: 34", $55.00 each

IMG_3355 (2)

Garden Stake. Sunburst design, Sun Burst Diameter: 7", Stake length: 23". $25.00

IMG_3351 (2)

Butterfly with cut outs. Diagonal butterfly: 13", stake length ~28", $35.00

IMG_3350 (2)

Butterfly, solid. Diagonal butterfly: 13",stake length ~28", $35.00

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