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Uganda, East Africa



Rwenzori Baskets


Groups of women, some disabled or widowed are able to fully support themselves through the weaving of these baskets. The Rwenzori mountains in these weavers’ area seem a bit out of place in Africa with their snow and glacier covered peaks of close to 17,000 feet.


Traditionally used for serving food, baskets are woven from discarded Millet stalks, naturally dyed raffia and sometimes local grasses. The natural portions are dried millet leaves. The vibrant natural dyes used on the raffia for these tightly woven baskets come from flowers, roots, leaves and lichens grown by the weavers themselves.



Bukedo & Raffia Baskets


The talented weavers of Uganda work from their homes on a variety of useful, sturdy baskets. One type we carry are woven from dyed raffia (from a type of palm leaf) woven around a coil of banana leaf stems, called Bukedo. Brightly colored dyes and inventive, progressive patterns are a hallmark of these baskets.


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